“Food is always tasty, fresh, and real (made from raw ingredients, not processed). I think they try to use local ingredients when possible. Service has never failed me. It’s cool that you get to chat with the chef. Portions are a good size and pricing is great for the quality of the food. Atmosphere is pleasant and cozy, even though it’s basically just the entrance way of the Ambrosia Event Centre.
Menu is always changing… different every week and even within the week there are changes. Recommend (from what I’ve tried so far): Roasted Red Pepper & Yam Soup, Curried Butternut Squash and Yam soup, Roast Turkey with herbed gravy, West African Chicken & Fennel, any of the desserts. The only dish I tried and had an issue with was the Lamb Shank with Polenta, and that was only because I found the polenta a little too salty (I am NOT a salter though, so this likely isn’t an issue for many people. Also, it wasn’t direct salt in the polenta, it was parmesan cheese). I still ate it all :)” Mark P., Cobble Hill, BC

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