Childhood to Chef

For me, the kitchen has always been warm, welcoming, comforting and safe. My fondest memories are of days gone by as a child, growing up on a large working farm, watching my mother and grandmother cook wonderful comfort meals using the freshest and finest ingredients of the meats and poultry that we raised ourselves, and produce that we planted, nurtured and harvested throughout the seasons. These are heartwarming memories of my mother and grandmother, lovingly taking the time to teach me to cook, to read recipes, to learn measurements.

The kitchen was the place that I learned to never give up. If you make a mistake, it can be corrected or adjusted to create something else; to be resourceful. The kitchen was the place that I learned to try new things without fear, to be confident in my abilities … to be authentically me. This location and the teachings that took place there, would one day prove to be where all things fundamentally began in my world.

No matter what path I took the kitchen was the space that fed my soul, that calmed my world, and that continued to nurture my gifts, allowing me to succeed in other crafts. The kitchen today is the peaceful and meditative place that allows me to share my creativity, my gifts and my passion for global cuisine and everything associated with it.

I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion and enthusiasm for the culinary world with you! Let's explore the culinary world together!


Brooke International Studios – A Collective of Image Consulting Artists & Talent Agency

In 1995, as a prominent figure in the elite Canadian entertainment industry, Shirley relocated from Toronto to BC after 20 years of owning Brooke International Studios. Brooke International Studios was a collective of image consulting artists, hair salons and a talent agency which catered only to her many prestigious celebrity friends, media personalities and entertainment moguls from Canada and abroad.

City TV/MuchMusic Building Queen St West, Toronto

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  • Billy Idol Band
  • Bleeker St.
  • Blue Rodeo
  • Blushing Brides
  • Bobby Dupont
  • Bonnie Beck
  • Brad MacDonald
  • Brian Allen
  • Brian Frank
  • Brittony Brooke
  • Bruce Cockburn
  • Bruce Moffet
  • Bryan Matheson
  • Camille
  • Carol Marks-George
  • Catherine McLenahan
  • Charlie Cooley
  • Chilites
  • Colin Linden
  • Curtis Jonnie
  • Dale Martindale
  • Dan Hill
  • Danny Tripper
  • Dave Foley
  • Dave Huband
  • David Blamires - Pat Methany
  • David Campbell
  • David Onley
  • Dean Motter
  • Debbie Fleming
  • Deborah Edwards
  • Diego Fuentes
  • Dina Falbo
  • Donald Quan
  • Downchild Blues Band
  • Drew Hayden-Taylor
  • Eric Soostar
  • Frank Cassini
  • Garth Richardson
  • Gary Farmer
  • Gene Simmons
  • George Michael 2.0
  • George Carr
  • George Oliver
  • Gord Martineau
  • Graham Duff
  • Greg Critchley
  • Greg Kavanagh
  • Greg Loates
  • Hagood Hardy
  • Heide von Palleske
  • Herbie Barnes
  • Holly Cole Band
  • Illustrated Men
  • Ingrid Hamilton
  • J.D. Roberts
  • Jane Child
  • Jane Harbury
  • Jane Siberry
  • Jeff Healey Band
  • Jeff Osterhage
  • Joanne Smale
  • Joe Mavety
  • John Cassini
  • John Ritter
  • Kate Wheeler
  • Kathy Hahn
  • Ken Gord
  • Kenny McLean
  • Kenny Sprackman
  • Kidd Sisters
  • Kim Coates
  • Larry Fedoruk
  • Laura Robinson
  • Leisa Balfour
  • Leona Boyd
  • Leroy Sibbles
  • Liberty Silver
  • Liz Janik
  • Loreen McKennitt
  • Lynne Gordon
  • Marilyn Holt
  • Marilyn Martin
  • Mark Askwith
  • Mark Gaines
  • Mark Kelso
  • Martha Johnson
  • Martin Rutte
  • Matt Zimbel
  • Micah Barnes
  • Michael Baustein
  • Michael Campbell
  • Michael Fonfara
  • Michael Rhodes
  • Michael Whitehead - Forever Plaid & Crazy for You
  • Mimi Kuzak
  • Molly Johnson Band
  • Monica Deol
  • Moses Znaimer
  • Murray Porter
  • Myles Hunter
  • Neil Gaiman
  • New Regime
  • Nick Cucunato
  • Parachute Club
  • Paul Gross
  • Pegasus
  • Peter Mohan
  • Peter Mueller
  • Peter Nunn
  • Peter Townsend
  • Petula Clark
  • Phil Dwyer
  • Phil Gray
  • Phil Poppa
  • Phil Woodard
  • Point Blank
  • Prairie Oyster
  • Prakash John & the Lincolns
  • Rang Tango - Lee Warren
  • Rare Factions
  • Rational Youth
  • Raymond Aaron
  • Rebecca Jenkins
  • Red Rider
  • Refugee
  • Reggata
  • Rene O'Hashi
  • Robert Ito
  • Robert Presswood
  • Sad Cafe
  • Salome Bey
  • Sattalites
  • Scott Merritt
  • Seals & Croft
  • Shari Ulrich
  • Shingoose
  • Shirley Eckhardt
  • Steve Anthony
  • Steve Negus - Saga
  • Steven Ambrose
  • Strange Advance - Drew Arnott
  • Syl Coutu
  • T. Harv Eker
  • Terry O'Brien
  • The Arrows
  • The Breit Brothers
  • The Extras
  • The Spoons
  • The Tourists
  • Tom Tran
  • Uli Bohnet
  • Vern Dorge
  • Viive Tamm
  • Virgil Scott
  • Visage
  • Wapistan - Lawrence Martin
  • Wayne St. John
  • Warren Beatty
  • Yuppies - the Musical
  • Yves Lavigne
  • Zappacosta
  • And many many others!

Record Companies: A&M Records, Attic Records, Current Records, Duke Street Records, RCA/BMG Records, Polygram Records, CBS Records, True North Records, Bug Music

Richard Borchiver - Paragon Films

On and Off Air Personalities in Toronto TV Stations, Film Production Studios, Recording Studios, Radio Stations and Print Media including publicists and journalists

Photographers: Struan; Walter Chin; Denise Grant; Patrick Harbron; Peter Horvath; Kint Kwon; Matthew Wiley; Dimo Safari; Will Santillo; Brooke Palmer; Korby Banner; Michael Cooper; Deborah Samuel; and Advertising firms 1Hot Spots 2.

CFTO TV Shows: Stars on Ice; Circus Circus; What's Cooking, Lifestyle Workout, Various Telethons

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