Menu Design Consultation & Teaching

Chef Shirley Lang is perfectly positioned to assist with the design of your Indigenous menu while sharing her knowledge of Traditional and Cultural teachings related to specific Indigenous ingredients, taught to her by her Elders, mother and grandmother. She has collaborated with Tabitha Jones, a highly respected and knowledgeable Ethnobotanist for locally harvested ingredients.

In addition, Chef Shirley will create exquisite tasting menus specifically to demonstrate ways to use wild edibles married with Global flavours. These events are exclusive and by appointment only.

Chef Shirley’s expertise has been requested for numerous Indigenous themed menus of well known hotel restaurants, including the Fairmont Empress. 

We worked with Chef Shirley as an Indigenous cuisine consultant on the week long menus (created and served by the Fairmont Empress) for our international language conference June 2019, (in partnership with UNESCO) – she was a pleasure to work with, a constant professional, and helped us to create delicious and authentic menus. The feedback we received from over 1,000 Indigenous attendees from all over the world was overwhelmingly positive, and I look forward to working with Chef Shirley again on future projects.” Emma Parsons Connect Seven Group


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chef Shirley for an outstanding luncheon on November 18th 2019, for a group of Culinary Arts Students. 

The luncheon was to highlight local and Indigenous foods.  Chef Shirley welcomed us into her home and prepared an extensive menu of many courses, while talking about ways she had used local foods and incorporated them into dishes from all cultures. 

Not only was the luncheon delicious it was very educational and informative and the students and myself felt honored to be able to participate.  Chef Shirley also printed recipes for each student to take home which was thoughtful and very welcomed.

I would not hesitate to recommend Chef Shirley, she is warm, welcoming and goes beyond the norm to make your meal a memorable experience.

Yours sincerely, Carol Ponti, Chef Instructor, Camosun College


Camosun Culinary Students Indigenous Sampling Menu

Hors d’eouvres

Home Cured Wild Sockeye Salmon on mini Green Onion Bannock with Pickled Sea Asparagus

Cured in Bourbon, brown sugar, Juniper

Berry,  cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, salt

Traditional Pacific Coastal Potted Smoked Salmon in Cucumber cup with Western Hemlock

Moroccan Scented Bison & Cranberry ball with Pickled Douglas Fir Tip

Southwest Black Bean, Wild Rice, Sea Spinach, Cat Tail Root, Corn Fritter with Chickweed Pesto

Small Plates

Brazilian Smoked Clam & Smoked Oyster Chowder with Sea Dock Bannock

Fresh Chickweed & Miners Lettuce & Wild Wood Sorrel with Wild Gooseberry Vinaigrette

Spanish Spicy Elk Sausage in Red Wine & with Blackberries

Wild Local King Prawn Ceviche with Wild Wood Sorrel in Watermelon Cup on Wild Rice & Quinoa Tabbouleh

Pernod Creamed Dandelion Leaves, Dock Leaves, Leek, Wild Goose Tongue Pesto, Garlic, Onion, nutmeg

Traditional Cree 3 Sisters Succotash on Creamy Polenta with Chickweed Pesto

Duck Breast Roasted on Grand Fir Branch Drizzled with Wild Oregon Grape & Juniper Berry glaze

On Creamed Japanese Sweet Yam 


Prairie Farm Bread Pudding with Gooseberry

Soap Berry Sugar

Chef Shirley reserves the right to revise the menu without notice to ensure premium ingredients are used.


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