Clandestine Dining – You’re invited…. but the rest is a delicious mystery!

Becoming an invited guest has never been so easy in this exclusive but now inclusive Club….

Welcome to the world of a mysterious underground club.  A Top Secret exclusive guest list, clandestine local chefs, lavish themes ….. and attendees, do not have any idea where they are heading or what to expect!

A series of these mysterious “Clandestine Dinners” are now being held in and around Victoria, British Columbia.

Kept under wraps for some time, Chef Shirley Lang is continuing to present these delicious “Top Secret” dining experiences.

Only an exclusive group have received this message, which means they have already been selected to be a member on the mystery guest list. However, openings on the exclusive guest list are now being offered for new members to join. We leave it to our valued guests to decide who to share this best kept secret with. 

The idea behind Clandestine Dining is to let talented local chefs showcase their skills in an exciting yet relaxed, unique setting.

With authentic cultural cuisine, wine, entertainment and local talent offered, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this mysterious and unique, exclusive but inclusive group?

To secure your place on the exclusive Top Secret guest list, visit the Chef Shirley Lang website, and email Chef Shirley Lang at to be added to the guest list. Soon you will be receiving notifications of these exciting, mysterious, Top Secret delicious dining experiences!

Clandestine Dining Experiences promise to be anything but your usual dinner party. It’s an evening of entertainment, excitement and intrigue, all while sharing a diverse cultural culinary experience.

Everything is Top Secret …. the location, the chef, the menu, the theme, the entertainment and the guest list.  You never know what or who you may encounter ….


Journey to Morocco as Rediscovered by Chef Shirley Lang

A Moroccan tent, incredibly wonderful warmly fragrant cuisine, belly dancers, exotic drinks, fresh flower arrangements by A Sea of Bloom! 

Let the pictures and the testimonials do the talking!

“Chef Shirley Lang’s Clandestine Dinners are akin to a clandestine love affair. You surrender your palate to the Chef and taste worldly delights beyond your daily experience. If you have a love of food and good company, they are a rare and richly rewarding experience.”  

Ian & Jan Ashdown

“Mystery Dinner was FANTASTIC and we want 4 tickets next time! Wow! The food, the venue and the company were EXCELLENT!! Thank you SO much, Shirley and kudos to your great staff, we had such a good time!!”

Teresa Emery


“Shirley’s dinners become eye-openers to unusual cuisines. Attending a recent Moroccan dinner, I became aware that such food is both subtle and sublimely tasty.  Dinners such as these attract fellow foodies where the conversation is similarly interesting. I doubt that anyone would be disappointed in attending future events.”  
David M. Buchan


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