Aphrodisiac Dining

For centuries and in many cultures around the world, many different foods, drinks, herbs and spices have been considered Aphrodisiacs with the sole purpose of increasing one’s sexual desire leading to heightened romantic intimacy.

The dictionary describes 'aphrodisiac' (noun) as:

A food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire: the Romans worshiped the apple as an aphrodisiac with aphrodisiac powers; A thing that causes excitement: for a few seconds she'd fallen for the powerful aphrodisiac of music | power is an aphrodisiac.

Chef Shirley Lang creates unique special menus for couples using ingredients which are considered Aphrodisiacs. She offers privately catered 6 to12-coursee Romantic Aphrodisiac meals in the privacy of their own homes or other special location. Foods that are healthy, with live nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, are the most powerful Aphrodisiacs.

These meals are perfect for celebrations such as anniversaries, proposals, or just because!


Caviar Tastings

Have you ever wondered what caviar tastes like, where it comes from, and how it is created? Chef Shirley Lang will share with you and your guests a brief history, types of caviar, health benefits, and so much more, as well as, provide a tasting of 10 premium caviar


Multicultural Dinners

Chef Shirley invites you to join her at her table as she showcases tantalizing dinners from a variety of ethnicities. Your palette will journey to Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Lebanon, India, and even explore Aboriginal flavours from North America. Chef Shirley's multicultural experiences are deeply rooted in each dish having learned authentically from traditional chefs of many different cultures. After all, food connects us. It gives us an opportunity to share our culture and our stories, promotes love, understanding and openness for others, and celebrates diversity.


Clandestine Dinners

You’re invited, but the rest is a delicious mystery! Kept under wraps for some time, locally owned and operated Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd. is now presenting these exciting “Top Secret” events. Only an exclusive group have received this message, which means they have already been selected to be a member on the mystery guest list. However, openings on the exclusive guest list are now being offered for new members to join and we leave it to our valued guests to decide who to share this best kept secret with. The best part, obtaining a spot on the guest list is free!

The idea behind Clandestine Dinners is to let talented local chefs showcase their skills in an exciting yet relaxed, unique setting.

With authentic cultural cuisine, wine, entertainment and local talent offered, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this mysterious and unique, exclusive but inclusive group?

Securing your place on the exclusive Top Secret guest list has never been so easy. Visit the Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd. website, www.kitchensofdistinction.ca, and email Shirley Lang at secret@kitchensofdistinction.ca to be added to the guest list, and soon you will be receiving notifications of these exciting, mysterious, Top Secret dining events!

Clandestine Dinner events promise to be anything but your usual dinner party. It’s an evening of entertainment, excitement, and intrigue, all while sharing a diverse cultural culinary experience.

Everything is Top Secret. The location, the chef, the menu, the theme, the entertainment and the guest list. You never know what or who you may encounter...


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Rest assured, with Kitchens of Distinction, attention to detail and all care is taken to deliver an amazing experience so that you can enjoy the occasion with your beloved family and friends.

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