We hosted a Clandestine Dinner last Friday evening and it turned out amazing. The food was delicious as always with Moroccon inspired dishes. We also were so inspiried by the flowers which were donated by A Sea of Bloom! They tied the night together and looked beautiful. Let the pictures do the talking! (Victoria Island Travel and Tourism Facebook’s page)  & Shirley Lang Facebook Page.

“Kitchens of Distinction’s Clandestine Dinners are akin to a clandestine love affair. You surrender your palate to the chef and taste worldly delights beyond your daily experience. If you have a love of food and good company, they are a rare and richly rewarding experience.”  Ian & Jan Ashdown

Journey to Morocco!

Moroccan Carrot Salad

“Shirley’s dinners become eye-openers to unusual cuisines. Attending a recent Moroccan dinner, I became aware that such food is both subtle and sublimely tasty.  Dinners such as these attract fellow foodies where the conversation is similarly interesting. I doubt that anyone would be disappointed in attending future events.”  David M. Buchan

Moroccan Spices!

Flowers by A Sea of Bloom

“Mystery Dinner was FANTASTIC and we want 4 tix next time! Wow! The food, the venue and the company were EXCELLENT!! Thank you SO much, Shirley and kudos to your great staff, we had such a good time!!” Teresa Emery

“I had the absolute pleasure of being part of this fantasitc Moroccan dinner – and I just have to say the whole evening blew me away! From the moment we arrived at the venue – we were transported to a tent in Morocco. The decor – the flowers – the wait staff looking smashing….the welcome cocktail something I had never tasted before – fantastic – the mixologist is second to none…her creations kept coming all evening. Each course presented was not only beautiful to look at – but flavors that mingled and tingled and set my palette on a trip never to be forgotten.

I will definitely be attending another dinner if Shirley has anything to do with you. Can’t wait!” Mary Jane Tiller

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