Prosciutto cup with Blue Cheese, Spinach & Farm Fresh Jelly

“Shirley, a short note of thanks for your wonderful presentation this past Saturday evening. I cannot tell you the number of positive comments and rave reviews I have received about the quality of food, your selection and the service provided by your staff. I have organized many mess dinners and other functions over the years, but none have drawn such a warm response with the catering.

We had well over one hundred guests and yet you managed to convey an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. Very hard to do with numbers such as these and in a large space! Our commanding officer, Commander Steven Pokotylo, has asked me to convey his great appreciation for Kitchen With Distinction’s contribution to our Homecoming.

Please stand by to receive several more invitations to provide services for our forthcoming mess dinners at naval reserve division HMCS MALAHAT. You may also rest assured that everyone in attendance will be spreading the word about your wonderful work!”

James Parker Lieutenant (Navy), OPI – HMCS MALAHAT Homecoming

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