Hi Shirl, Thanks for a great dinner last night. Your Moroccan menu was fresh, beautifully executed and a welcome change. Pretty healthful I imagine, nothing too heavy, lots of veg. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

I really liked the amuse bouche at the beginning… what was the meat in that? I thought maybe lamb, but then thought it might have been game of some kind… thought it was a bit gamier than beef… I really liked the hummus component…not the usual Lebanese you typically get, this was more delicate, and brighter… Was that fig in the chutney that came with the main course? Also really like the balance in the soup, just the right acidity… I wondered whether some spicy heat would normally be in that, but not for a mess dinner, or if that is generally how that soup is done… good either way, but for those who like some heat, that seemed a natural addition.

The steady stream of pita pieces was great. The main pork dish was perfectly seasoned. Loved the salsas and salads too. I’ll have to pick your brain about spices and techniques, I really like that cuisine…”  Ivan Elieff, Attendee, Naval Mess Dinner

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