“I have known Shirley since 1988. At that time she had hair salons and a talent agency in Toronto and was involved in every stage of the entertainment industry; publicity, event planning, many charity events and fund raisers. Whether she was hosting a TIFF event or raising funds for a much needed cause, Shirley always created an atmosphere that was one of a kind, vibrant and in step with the event. And she handled everything, from guest lists to catering. Her catered events were fabulous with flavourful fresh home made items. Shirley’s culinary skills are unique, weaving her traditional teachings throughout the process. She’s an intuitive chef, which makes her cuisine so flavourful! As an actor in Toronto, I attended many of her fetes and events. They were not to be missed! Shirley was always creative, professional and inspiring. She is very much missed in Toronto!” Sincerely yours, Heidi Von Palleske, Actor & Writer 



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