“I wanted the evening to be very special for the bridal couple and your contribution helped to make it so.  The chilled curry mango soup with the crab garnish and the prawn and pepper skewers were both tasty and popular with the guests.  As appetizers, they really got the party started and elevated it to the level of excellence that I was hoping for.  I loved serving these dishes because they were delicious and beautifully presented. Every skewer was eaten at the party and only a few cupfuls of the soup were saved for lunch the next day. I happily recommend you as a caterer and will call you again when I am looking for some really special dishes for my guests. It’s a pleasure to work with a person like you who has passion for food, its presentation, and a caring for the people you are serving.  Thank you so much.”     Sincerely, Kathe Gerber

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