I have had the pleasure of working with Shirley, and Kitchens of Distinction on two separate occasions.  Both times, I was amazed by the quality of food, Shirley’s professionalism and her willingness and creativity to develop an outstanding dining experience.  Dishes were made with wholesome fresh foods, great taste and presented beautifully.  Moreover, Shirley created the food respecting her Indigenous teachings. I believe you can really taste the difference! I continue to receive comments “that the food was the best meal ever eaten at a banquet,” “the food was amazing,” and “the casserole was the best I have ever eaten.” The million dollar question is if you would use this caterer again?  I would 100% work with Kitchens of Distinction again.  If you want flavorfully foods, healthy options and fresh ingredients, beautiful presentations, creative menu planning, professionalism, outstanding service all while working within your budget,  I would recommend working with Kitchens of Distinction! Nicole Bresser, Co-Chair Indigenous Law Student’s Association

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