I love Malbec Wine. So when I was asked to create some tasty treats for a Malbec wine tasting at Everything Wine for April 11,  from 2:00 – 4:00, I was super excited!  To prepare myself and determine what I should make, I tried Las Moras. It is a full bodied wine, with loads of cherry flavour and hints of liquorice and leather. It is a well rounded wine.

I tried it in two different glasses. The first a bowl shaped glass, the result not pleasant. It tasted almost vinegar ish. Which lead me to the second larger and taller, more open glass. This glass was perfect! I could taste every note. Fresh and clean. I will definitely drink this wine with a spicy meat dish. Something which will transport me to another exotic local, Argentina.


The right glass to enjoy this beautiful full bodied wine.

Las Moras Malbec from Argentina

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