1. The ability to create a memorable experience thru beautiful presentation whether lunch or gathering!

 Shirley magically knows the perfect menu by asking a few key questions about the meeting or guests. 

We have chosen our favorite dishes that have to be on every order now! We have to have the mousse!

 The most common question is “who was the caterer?”. 

Kathleen King-Hunt, District Principal Aboriginal Education, SD62

2. I thought that the food was definitely a step above the rest. You could see the quality and the care put into the preparation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shirley. I loved the ethnic flavour of things too…. Heather

3. My comment would be that all of your food has been fresh, colourful and exciting! I have tried new foods like your Quinoa Salad for the first time from your catering. Your menu is so different with unbelievable flavour. I love your Salmon Chiabatta sandwiches, Quinoa Salad and Chocolate Mousse… I am getting hungry just thinking about your menus! Thanks Shirley!

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