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At the heart of our identity is our essence. At Kitchens of Distinction, our essence is to elevate the dining experience to the level of a culinary masterpiece through our exclusive private chef services and variety of other culinary experiences. Each dish is crafted in-house with fresh local ingredients and inspired by our passion for food. Award-winning Executive Chef Shirley Lang – who is of Cree Nation descent – brings together flavours that set our dishes apart from the everyday. We believe that the experience we offer will reflect your desire to give only the best to your guests. Chef Shirley creates cuisine that serenades your senses, flavors the conversations at your table, and ensures your event is extraordinary. Chef Shirley will enrich your dining experience by creating a feast that will delight the most discerning of tastes.

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"Exploring diverse cultural cuisines has always been my passion and a positive way to express my artistic side. I have been taught to create beautiful flavourful healthy dishes by traditional experts from many different ethnic backgrounds. This journey has not only been nourishing for my soul & body but has also been and continues to be a way to bring people together on an equal level, in order to share my philosophies of feasting with the goal of dispelling racism and creating mutual respect, in a silent nourishing way."

Executive Private Chef Shirley Lang, Culinary Explorer

Kaug Auk Shee (Festival of the Raven) of the Cree Nation


Spirit Culinary Excursions – Immerse yourself in British Columbia's Culinary Diversity

Vancouver Island is a place where elemental beauty and diverse civilization meet. It is a corner of the world that combines the surreal, powerful nature of the Pacific coast with a growing community where no one person is alike. Through such unique dichotomy comes amazing culinary masterpieces that arouse even the faintest of senses, leaving you with a fulfilled sense of why this is one of the most beautiful places on earth. On our tours, you will accompany award-winning Executive Chef Shirley Lang on an adventure to some of the most beautiful, best-kept secrets on Vancouver Island. You will experience magnificent food, impeccable wine, and surreal artisan creations. Excursions will also take you to locations where rich flavors mingle with the sheer power of the supernatural landscape. Where farmland blends with urban life, coastal communities are linked with the roots of towering evergreen, and luxury is caressed within the rows of cascading vineyards and pristine architecture.


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Rest assured, with Kitchens of Distinction, attention to detail and all care is taken to deliver an amazing experience so that you can enjoy the occasion with your beloved family and friends.

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