Combining the culinary art of food and a relaxed and fun environment in order                                           to market high-end properties in Victoria.

Creating an “at home” essence is an essential core to marketing and selling home real estate. The essence of a home is determined by giving potential buyers the opportunity to experience actual living within that environment. What creates the essence of a home? Food. A home filled with dedicatedly prepared dishes, filling the space with comforting and inviting scents, striking the euphoric sensation of what one envisions for themselves, their family and their home.

Combining an “open house” social event that is only open to exclusive guests, with a menu prepared by a personal chef, will assist you in providing the atmosphere for striking the right note for the sophisticated buyer. Whether it’s a cocktail party with appetisers or passed hors d’oeuvres, or a full course sit down dinner party, Kitchens of Distinction can assist in creating the element that those looking to buy a new home would be enticed by.

The advantages of marketing a property with food are obvious. It’s an opportunity to provide choice exposure, attracting inspired buyers to engage with you and your brand. These types of social functions open the door for influential future business referrals, allowing you to add your personal touch, which your elite clients are in search of.

Another option: Are you at a loss deciding what to give to your buyers to show your appreciation for their business? A Gift Certificate towards a catered meal in their new home is an exceptional gift, conveying to your clients that you truly appreciate their business, that you believe they are special, and deserving of only the best. The rewards will be limitless…

Contact Executive Chef Shirley Lang of Kitchens of Distinction at 250-858-7777 or to inquire more about our exclusive services to compliment your distinctive company.

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